Are Europe Tours Worth it?

With all the cultures, countries, and undiscovered corners of the planet to set off to, Europe still tops the list of the most visited continents by tourists. And although the claim that you should travel to Europe just to immerse yourself into history is disputable, there are innumerable things to discover there than one might even imagine. Let’s take a closer look.


Why travel to Europe?

Approximately 50 countries make up the continent of Europe, each with a unique background and hundreds of years of history behind them. Be it the energetic flamenco-lit Spain, the beers and castles of German Bavaria, the chilly land of fjords in Norway, or the sounds of the balalaika in Russia – there’s no way you can see entire Europe in one trip. Fact.

Among the main reasons of why to go to Europe is to learn more about the different cultures dotting the lands, to see the well-preserved architectural treasures, hear the sounds of the foreign languages, as well as taste the delicious dishes of national cuisine. And this is just the tip of the iceberg that makes Europe so special, as the natural wonders are also simply breathtaking, the royal palaces will awe you, the museums will reveal many incredible secrets, the opportunities for sports activities are endless, and the rich nightlife can certainly inspire as well. Not to mention the one-of-a-kind celebrations, festivals, and local holidays you may encounter that’ll help you learn more about the city of choice!

And the best part about it is that every new destination will bring you something new and extraordinary. So the question basically goes down to: “You still haven’t been to Europe? How did that ever happen?” On your marks. Pack your bags. Go!

Which part of Europe to go to?

If you’re going to Europe for the very first time, the trickiest thing could be to choose the destination for your getaway. Depending on your available time and budget, you have to have a clear picture of what’s on your must-list and what are your priorities.

Try asking yourself what exactly would you prefer to see. Is it a two-week Euro trip where you spend 1-2 days in each of the iconic cities like Barcelona, Paris, Amsterdam, and Rome? Or maybe you feel like an in-depth exploration of one specific country, say, Italy, where you spend time in Tuscany by the Leaning Tower in Pisa, then explore the romantic canals of Venice on a gondola and after make your way to Sicily for some sun? Or are you in for an adventure, for example, a winter tour to Scandinavia to seek the Northern Lights?

As you see, the opportunities are endless. An the greatest advice for those first-timers who want to go to Europe is to get some professional help in terms of planning and ultimate sightseeing, luckily there are numerous ​Europe tour packages​ available on the market to fit both your tastes

and wallet. The thing is that this way you can get the real deal with included accommodation, prearranged services, and maybe even local guides, and thus won’t have to worry about what to do when you’re in a foreign country where people might not speak your language as everything will be handled for you in advance.

How to travel in Europe?

This is an interesting question. Again, this in much depends on what experience you are seeking, your budget, and what you want your vacation to be like. If we’re talking “land tours”, you can join a group tour or organize a private custom tour around your specific wants.

In the first case scenario, the main recommendation is to avoid bus tours, designed for 40+ travelers in a group. It’s time killing, exhausting, and no matter how comfortable the bus amenities may be advertised to you, you’ll be left with more time on the road than actually touring the places that interest you. The smarter way to go on small group tours is to seek those offers that are made for groups of about 15 or less people, with included varied transport, such as high-speed trains, and pre-booked city-center hotels (very important point as you surely don’t want to spend long hours reaching the heart of town to explore the museums and places that interest you not only the group).

What’s for private tours, be they DIY or those that are arranged by pros, this is an option which will grant you more freedom of putting on whichever locations you want on your itinerary, any hotels or accommodation of your choice, and, of course, any travel dates. If you’re not sure about your own abilities to arrange a European tour with difficult logistics by yourself, again there are certified companies that’ll happily offer you their expertise. You’ll be surprised, but this often even results in lower costs than what you pay when you book everything on your own as accredited tour operators have better deals and prices with their partners across Europe than when the same is sold for solo packages.

An alternative for land travel is hopping on a river cruise. Very neat option with which you get to live onboard a ship and travel from one destination to another, stop in ports of call for some guided sightseeing, and get some rest as you sit back and enjoy the views of the countryside from the comfort of your cabin or the decks of the ship. For instance, recently, many of those wishing to go to Russia chose to travel the country by water. The ​best Russian river cruises offer 5-star ship accommodation is cabins that are like hotel rooms on water, included entertainment onboard, and many fun activities on the go apart from touring time of the famous cities of Moscow and St. Petersburg with local guides.

How long should a trip to Europe be?

As mentioned previously, in 99% cases it’s impossible to see all of Europe in one trip and the duration of your trip basically depends on your desires, time, availability, and money. The recommended duration should be no less than 7 days, especially when you keep in mind the

days and time for jet lag and long air travel. On the whole, the most preferable number of days should be approximately 14 days.

All in all, yes, Europe tours are surely worth it! No matter which place you choose for your vacation, be it visiting Santa’s Residence in Lapland or seeing the French Riviera and Monaco, it’s almost factual that you’d love to return for another European getaway sometime again!

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