Google is Pulling The Plug on Paid Chrome Extensions Over the Following yr

Earlier this 12 months, Google announced a few adjustments to the Chrome Web Store in an effort to lessen malicious extensions. Now, Google is saying that paid Chrome extensions will now not be available.

Following a transient suspension on paid extensions this year due to fraudulent transactions, Google will pull the plug on paid extensions absolutely over the next several months. Developers haven’t been capable of put up new paid extensions considering March, however this week’s announcement confirms that paid extensions gained’t be coming back in any respect. Further, the loose trial option presented by the Chrome Web Store will depart on December 1.

On February 21, 2021, all paid Chrome extensions will lose get admission to to payments via the Web Store. Sometime later inside the year, too, Google will pull the plug on its licensing API that enables builders to verify that a person has surely paid for the extension.

For developers who nonetheless need to monetize their extensions, Google says they’ll need to migrate to both another payment processor and a brand new licensing API.

The Chrome Web Store bills system is now deprecated and can be close down over the coming months. There are many different methods to monetize your extensions, and if you presently use Chrome Web Store bills, you’ll need to migrate to one of them.

Odds are that most of the people haven’t even bought a Chrome extension before, so this change may not rely all that a lot. Going forward, though, any Chrome extension that calls for a paid detail will want to be using billing information and strategies other than what Google has lengthy presented.

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