Iron Man 2 Theory: The Element Tony Stark Synthesizes Has a DIRECT Link to Thor

The climax of Avengers: Endgame saw Iron Man wieldinIron Man wielding a substitute Infinity Gauntlet of his personal advent to thwart Thanos and his navy. While this heroic sacrifice turned into vital to the Avengers’ fulfillment, a few enthusiasts have questioned Tony’s potential to create a replica that could percentage the special houses of the original. Now, a fan idea might also have a solution to this question, and it may have to do with a far earlier access within the Marvel Cinematic Universe.

At the beginning of the film, Tony learns that the palladium middle powering his arc reactor and Iron Man match is slowly killing him. This prompts him to begin trying to find a substitute strength supply, but he hits a wall until Nick Fury passes alongside some matters that belonged to his father Howard, including a diagram of a brand new detail’s atomic structure. Tony then synthesizes this detail with J.A.R.V.I.S.’ assist and places it in his arc reactor. Though the detail is by no means diagnosed, a fan theory on Reddit shows that Tony became capable of synthesize Uru, the metal found in Mjolnir, Stormbreaker and the Infinity Gauntlet, and that he later integrated it into his Iron Man suits and different Stark generation.

Howard Stark’s ancient studies may be viewed as ability proof. He turned into involved within the Manhattan Project, which brought about the advent of atomic weapons and the splitting of the atom, and it stands to cause that this will lead to subatomic studies. It’s feasible that he determined Uru at some point in this era, but could not synthesize it because, as he stated, he changed into “confined by means of the generation of his time.” Decades later, Tony has get right of entry to to a particle accelerator that Phil Coulson says can “create miniature large bangs.” Similarly, Uru is described as being solid within the heart of a loss of life big name.

It’s very viable that Tony utilized Uru now not just in his arc reactor, but in his healthy and other pieces of Stark tech. The suits that Tony makes use of in The Avengers, Iron Man three and beyond make use of Homing Tech, which means that Tony can summon them irrespective of his area. This is just like how Thor’s guns Mjolnir and Stormbreaker can be summoned, which could recommend that the fits include at least some of the equal fabric

Another similarity between the Iron Man suits and Thor’s weapons is their ability to manipulate, or as a minimum be powered with the aid of, lightning. Thor is able to produce lightning without both weapon as visible in Thor: Ragnarok, so we know that the guns are not entirely responsible for his powers. Yet whilst Captain America makes use of Mjolnir in Endgame, he can use the weapon to fight with lightning. Similarly, the Iron Man in shape is proven to be powered by lightning, mainly all through the fight within the wooded area in The Avengers and while Iron Man and Thanos fight in Endgame. This similarity could be defined by using all weapons being partly comprised of Uru.

If the authentic Infinity Gauntlet changed into created out of Uru and gave Thanos the ability to wield the Infinity Stones, it stands to motive that the reproduction Gauntlet created by using Tony and the Avengers could ought to be manufactured from Uru (at least in element) in order to have the identical abilties. Furthermore, Uru being present in Tony’s fit would explain why Tony become able to wield the Stones with out the usage of his Gauntlet. The idea indicates that, ultimately, Tony turned into killed because his Iron Man Suit have become an Infinity Suit and in reality made his entire frame a superconductor for the stones, on the grounds that the usage of the Infinity Gauntlets handiest damaged the opposite customers’ fingers.

Finally, Thanos stated in Avengers: Infinity War that he that Tony became “cursed with understanding.” Thanos may be referring to Tony’s creation of Uru and the remaining want to utilize it to keep saving the universe. Thanos knew what he desired Uru to do, but Tony just saved growing tech with Uru steel. This, in Thanos’ eyes, might burden Tony with the want to apply it. As a person so prompted through his give up goal, Thanos could likely see Tony no longer having one as a curse. If this principle is accurate, that would supply Tony and Thanos a captivating similarity that makes their showdown all of the more powerful.

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