Windows 10 Now Runs Android Apps — However There is a Catch

If you have a Windows 10 PC and an Android phone, the 2 devices will now paintings lots more intently collectively. That’s because the new Your Phone function will assist you to run Android apps in Windows 10.

The replace for the Your Phone service commenced rolling out a few days ago following the function’s release from the beta trying out environment of the Windows Insider software. There is a trap in that the new competencies of Your Phone will only work with the supported Samsung phones. Other Android telephones will probably get the ability to have their apps managed from within Windows 10, however we’re now not certain whilst so as to occur.

We gave the updated Your Phone a whirl through connecting our Samsung Galaxy Note 10 Plus to considered one of our Windows 10 laptops. And the function works fairly well after some preliminary hiccups with notifications and connections.

When you choose the app phase in Your Phone it’ll display a listing of all of the apps at the cellphone. Click on one and that fires up a window that’s basically a screen recording of the linked phone. From there you could control the apps on your cellphone from Windows 10.

It’s laggy in our revel in, with a slight however still noticeable put off from clicking on an app or button and for the movement to manifest. We discovered that to start with, the connection among our Galaxy Note 10 Plus and Your Phone would also drop if the tool wasn’t used for a bit.

But as soon as up and walking for a touch bit, the upgraded Your Phone app labored instead nicely, other than the aforementioned lag, which we are able to live with.

Given people generally tend to by no means be some distance away from their telephones, there’s an argument that this new functionality to Your Phone is a function for the sake of getting a characteristic. But for individuals who want to maintain their eyes firmly on their PC’s show and hands on the keyboard and mouse, Your Phone allows them to check numerous Android apps and Galaxy cellphone notification and messages without reaching for the handset.

Tighter integration between all our gadgets and Windows 10 is not any terrible thing. Take Xbox Game Pass Ultimate as an example, it enables Xbox and primary-celebration Microsoft video games to be played across the modern-day Xbox consoles and Windows 10 PCs. And the Xbox app permits for diverse features, which include Xbox Live pal chats and success logging, to be accomplished on a Windows 10 gadget in preference to just an Xbox.

Expect this to be expanded with the Xbox Series X and Xbox Series S as Microsoft grows out each its Xbox and Windows 10 surroundings. And count on Your Phone to be the tip of the spear for tighter interaction among Windows 10 and smartphones.

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